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The company of Medevo operates in the field of health technology, where it develops, produces and sells delicately accurate tools and equipment, its control systems, and that all focused on a surgery with a low invasive level.

The Medevo company, by using the bipolar BiVac electrodes in the field of arthroscopy, creates the new horizons. Arthroscopic surgeries supported by the physiological saline solution then allow maximum reduction of the patient's pain by minimizing the unnecessary temperature increment. The patient‘s comfort is at this point at the highest possible level.

We are certified by the DIN EN ISO 13485 standard as well as by EG directive, which you may find in Appendix II 93/42.

MEDEVO Certificate MEDEVO Certificate

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General Sales and Delivery Terms

MEDEVO General Sales and Delivery Terms

Bipolar Arthroscopic Electrodes

Bipolar Arthroscopic Electrodesy